Haonan Yu

Research Engineer
Facebook AI Research
Google Scholar / GitHub @yu239

Hi there! I am a research engineer at FAIR. My general interests are language grounding in vision and control, reinforcement learning, and artificial general intelligence. My PhD research was learning to ground language in video. I received the degree from Purdue University in 2016.

As a fan of video games, I will be extremely thrilled if someday strong game AI is invented and integrated in game NPCs!



XWorld - A C++/Python simulator package for reinforcement learning research.
FLARE - A PyTorch reinforcement learning framework for embodied agents


proximal policy optimization (PPO) - Slides for the RL reading group @SVAIL (07/31/2018).
language grounding by deep reinforcement learning - Slides for the talk @GoogleResearch (07/20/2018).
n-step bootstrapping - Slides for the RL reading group @SVAIL (05/10/2018).